Date night…it didn’t suck.

Mike & I had the a rare opportunity to go out for a few hours last night and see Paul Reiser at the Elsinore Theatre.  We had to juggle a few things like getting kids to & from practices (thanks Susan!) but we managed to spend about 4 hours as actual, real-live, grown-up adults.  Yeah us!  And it was a lot of fun.  We both really enjoy him as a comedian because when Mad About You was on, everything they were going through and doing was perfectly timed to where Mike & I were in our relationship and then in our young family.  It was like they were writing it just for us.  Narcissistic? Perhaps.


So, after we drove around and around and around the general area of the Elsinore and finally found a parking spot 5 blocks away, we made it to the theatre in time for the show.  We were given a piece of paper and told to write down any comment or question we had for Paul because he was going to do an interactive part of the show.  And us, being the infinite smart-asses that we are, couldn’t think of anything better to write than the follow:


We have 3 kids, 4 jobs and practically no social life.  We chose to spend our date night at your show….please don’t suck.


And then we added a smiley face because it seemed like we should add one just so we wouldn’t be assholes or anything.  You know, just in case he didn’t get that our sarcasm was good natured and all.


After we handed it to the person collecting them, Mike looks at me and says “If he reads that out, we are not identifying ourselves.”  We laughed about it and then I pretty much forgot about it because I was too busy judging the women behind me who were having a very loud discussion about movies and were complete idiots.  Really?  World War Z was the best zombie movie?  It was not even a true zombie movie, it was a contagion movie and it was mediocre at best, you philistine.  Good gravy.  I almost said something and then realized I really did want to see Paul Reiser and it would not make for a great date night if I got us kicked out of the theatre before it even started.  So I just tweeted my annoyance into the interweb instead.  See, isn’t social media great?


So, Paul comes out on stage and starts his gig and I seriously have not laughed like that in a long, long time.  He’s talking about aging and parenting and married life and it’s great because his material is still as relevant to us as it was when we were in our twenties and having our first child.  And we get toward the end of the evening and he walks over to the stool at the side of the stage and picks up all the pieces of paper people have turned in.  He says, “So, let’s see what Salem, Oregon has to say to me tonight.  Oh, this is my favorite…” and he picks the top paper up and begins to read, “We have three kids….”.   The crowd thought it was hilarious and apparently so did he, so it was all good.  And we didn’t have to identify ourselves so we just sat in the dark nudging each other, grinning like idiots, with this weird little sense of pride that he connected with our snarky comment out of all the others.  Again, narcissistic?  Probably.


After the show we got to meet him briefly and get a book signed, which was pretty cool.  We didn’t completely tell him that we were the ones who wrote that note, we just told him that the show didn’t suck.  In fact, the whole evening didn’t suck and that, in itself, is pretty awesome.






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  1. It sounds like a perfect evening,I am so glad you two were able to get one in. And what away to spend it by watching a comedian. They say a good laugh lightens your spirit, soul, and worries. I believe a couple who can laugh together are a strong couple. When the laughter stops, you have something to worry about.

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