Converse Love

I love shoes.  Not like a normal woman though…I love Converse.  I just do…they are perfect shoes and they go with anything. Really.  I don’t care what you say, they go, trust me.


So, how do I know that I’ve lucked into a pretty awesome job?  When my boss gives me a pair of Cons as a thank you gift.  I know, right?!?!  How awesome is that???



And what makes a mother more proud than seeing her fashion sense passed along to her daughters?  In my case, there’s not a lot that I want to pass along…I’m pretty inept at dressing well.  But…my girls do like my Converse.  And, after “borrowing” mine for the last year or so, have finally gotten their own.  Although, I can still usually find several of my pairs in their rooms.

Kate’s sugar skull Cons
Abby’s old-school black hi-tops










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