Color-Coded OCD

I have a touch of OCD and I am happy for it!  It serves me well in keeping our family’s schedule lined out and making sure we get everyone everywhere they need to be.  “How?” you may ask?  I know your asking it, it’s ok.  Hang on, ’cause I’m going to tell you…with the “Family Calendar” (cue angels singing).


Now, I’m not all crafty, you won’t see my calendar on Pinterest or Etsy or anything like that…it’s pretty basic.  It’s a nice big white board calendar and everyone has there own color and then the family has a color….easy peasy lemon squeezy.  We keep it on the pantry door so everyone can see what’s going on and all the colors coordinate with my iCalendar so it’s the same on my laptop & phone.  Yeah…I like to be organized.


So…here’s how our calendar comes together:

The basics: Mike’s shift days and family events like vet appointments and early releases.
Now my stuff is added because green is my favorite color…sorry for the blurry pic
Wyatt’s wrestling practices in blue and Kate’s soccer is in purple…
And finally, the youngest with her soccer and drama classes round out the rainbow in orange.


So, not crafty but very effective for our busy lives.  Hooray for color-coded OCD!

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