I used to quilt.  A lot.  There was a time when just about everyone that we knew that was having a baby got a handmade baby quilt from me; I was happily busy making little bits of warmth for people.  In fact, two of my most treasured possessions are the quilt registry books I have with fabric samples and pictures […]

Baking Day – Scones

I love scones.  When done right, they are the best accompaniment to a warm cup of coffee or tea or hot cocoa.  They are the definition of comfort in all it’s wonderful flaky, flavorful form.  Nothing is better then a winter morning with frost on the ground, a fire warming the house, and a scone with your morning coffee.  Ah….that’s […]

Having It All

There’s always been a lot of talk about whether or not women can ‘have it all’.  Working moms, stay-at-home moms, dual role moms, single moms…we keep trying to have it all and being told that we need to figure out how to be all things, do all things, at all times.  But what does that really mean?  And will we […]

Messing with Teenagers on my Commute…

The other day, while driving home from work, I pull up at a red light next to this slammed-down, rattle-can primered little car.  The driver was a teenager, or at least no older than early 20’s,  and he had his windows down, blaring some unintelligible, and just plain awful, rap music.   I also had my window down and I […]

Cursing…it never gets old.

This is a post from over a year ago but let’s face it…cursing, especially like a lady, never gets old.  Never.  Especially in hockey season.   So…my husband just showed me this video because, and I quote, “It made me think of you.”  Aaaww…thanks babe. Obviously, this post is not safe for work or kids or nuns.  Or my mom. […]

Wrestling is Hard

Wrestling is a hard sport.  Hard on the parents that is.  I’ve watched my son wrestle since he was in first grade….I’ve seen him worked over and I’ve seen him get his hand raised at the end.  It’s difficult and it’s wonderful all at the same time.   And you know what is the hardest part of all watching your […]

One Million Moms Can’t Be Wrong…Or Can They?

I recently found the Facebook page for “One Million Moms” through an article on Zite referencing their outrage over Honeymaid’s most recent commercial featuring {gasp} a same sex couple.   There’s so much to say here but let’s start with the most pressing thing on my little mind: I don’t believe for one moment that there are one million moms […]

Dinosaur Oatmeal

So, I basically have a house full of teenagers…OK, the youngest is 12 but she’s advanced for her age.  And they eat.  A lot.  No…really.  A shit-ton…that is the only true unit of measurement that communicates the amount of food they go through.     And what I find the most amusing about the food that I purchase for these […]