Hockey season is back after the Olympic break and I am so happy!  Plus the Flyers and the Penguins play back-to-back games in a few weeks, which is awesome because they hate each other and that makes for great hockey.  Just to be clear:  I loathe the Penguins.  Muchly.  In particular, I loathe Crosby.  Yes, he’s a great player.  Yes, […]

Junior Varsity

Why I think JV sports are good for kids:   Playing JV is not a bad thing.  I feel the need to say this because it feels like every parent out there is prepping their kids to play Varsity all 4 years of their high school careers.  Even if those kids are only third graders at the moment.   Honestly, […]


I am so thankful for hockey today! At this moment I am sitting in my car, waiting for my son to get done with wrestling team pictures, listening to my Flyers beat the Penguins. Let me just say that again: the Flyers are beating the Penguins. That is epic. Because my Flyers have really sucked so far this season, badly. […]

My movie creation: Our Sports Travels

I made a movie!  Ok, so I’m not Steven Spielberg but I am pretty proud of myself.  No, seriously.  I am not the tech person like Mike who can put together movies and slide shows and all kinds of great things that look all cool and stuff.  I am usually doing good if I can remember to even take a […]

Don’t think about it, just run

I went for a run today!  Not a long one…just to the end of our road and back, so about 1.5 miles…but it’s a big flippin’ deal to me.  I haven’t even attempted to run in, oh, about a year.  See, I have this ganglion cyst in one of the joints in my left foot, if you read the “My […]

ESPN, you complete me.

I have watched an enormous amount of ESPN today.  It rained so that totally changed the location of my work from outside in the garden to inside in the kitchen.  So, since I was there and the TV is right near by, I decided it was a good idea to watch it while I was baking.  But there was nothing […]

The Great Basketball Game

Last night I watched a great game!  It was exciting, the lead changed almost constantly and in the end, victory was decided by one point.  It wasn’t a game of college football or professional soccer….it was my daughter’s middle school girls basketball game.   My daughter is in 5th grade…she goes to a very small country school where we didn’t have […]