Is it October Yet?

Hockey season starts October 4.  That’s only 31 days away, people, time to get excited!   And my Flyers have a whole crop of rookies vying for spots on this year’s roster.  In fact, we have been building the deepest pool of young talent around the league.  Even hockey media has realized it: Flyers Farm System Vaults to the Top. […]

Wonder Woman is the shit.

Wyatt just had to have an updated sports physical (because he decided to wrestle the year after all: WA-freakin’-HOOO!!!), and apparently he needed some updates on his vaccinations so they treated him to Wonder Woman bandaids on both of his shoulders.  I thought it was awesome…him, not so much.

A Sports Mom With No Sports or “Amy Is Sad”

I am adrift, people.  I am experiencing something that hasn’t happened in over 11 years: I am a sports mom with no kids in sports.  I know, it’s quite tragic.  All those years of driving kids to practices, tournaments, games & matches.  All those evenings of crockpot meals, PB&J sandwiches eaten on the go in the car, packing team snacks, […]

Flopping, Diving, and Chipping

I may or may not have just called out a 13 year old girl of diving and compared her to Sidney Crosby when she totally flopped on the ground after being fouled by my daughter in a middle-school basketball game.  Ok, I totally did that.  But it’s not like I’m proud of it, I’m just pointing out my own flaws in […]

Soccer Mom Squad aka We Are So F’ing Awesome

I’m sure you have all seen the #squad pics that our young’uns are all doing lately.  No?  Well then I’d like to know what color the sky is in your world.  ‘Cause they are everywhere.  And they mostly consist of the kids squatting or hunching down and putting one of their arms askew, sometimes pointing but not always, while the […]

Fairness is overrated.

So…long time to talk, peeps.  I, and I’m sure most you, have been crazy busy with the start of the school year and all the schedules and sports and chauffeuring and crap that goes along with this time of year.  Plus, I have taken on another job!  Technically, that makes four now…but, hey…who’s counting?   So, yeah…busy times.  And not […]

Little packets of awesome

  ***Before I start this post I should give the disclaimer that I’m currently listening to the Flyers/Rangers game and they are losing…so there may be periodical outbursts of frustration and obscenity.***   I got awesomeness in the mail today.  It came in the form of little packets of seeds from Territorial Seed Company.  And it signals the beginning of […]