Handy Dandy Fire Starters

I seem to be pretty hit and miss with my posts lately but, eh, whatcha gonna do?  Life has a way of being, well, life.   But, I did have the forethought to take pictures the day I made a batch of fire starters, just in case I had the time to sit and write about it.  So, here they […]

Our Homemade Advent Calendar

  I channeled my inner Martha Stewart the other day and came up with my own homemade advent calendar for our family.  It was pretty awesome…just sayin’.   First, I made 24 advent envelopes.  This was super easy since I found a website that has free printable wrapping paper: http://gift-wrapit.com.  They have 12 patterns for Christmas which is perfect because […]

The Year of the Garden

This was our best garden…ever.  Hands down.  And, funny enough, the epicness (it’s word, i swear) was in direct proportion to the amount of labor I put into it this year.  I know…so weird.   I started this garden in February, sitting hunched over seed catalogs making stars next to all the things that sounded good.  Then I had to […]

My Garden

Aaahhh…my garden.  I love my garden.  Even more this year than normal because I’m fully invested in making the most out of everything I can grow.  I put up food every year by drying or freezing things but this year I’m adding canning to the list of ways to preserve the bounty.  I want to make my own pickles, salsa […]

Not Quite A Foodie

Today is my last quiet day for several months.  My husband is at shift, all 3 kids are at school and I am enjoying it.  It’s rainy & windy outside so I don’t feel guilty for spending the day indoors, my office work is caught up for the moment and I figured out how to play my iTunes through the […]

Sweet Success

The Kids in the Kitchen experiment was a great success!  The girls were more than thrilled to help out and ended up making the pumpkin pies almost completely by themselves.  I did a few teaching examples of how to roll dough and lifted it into the pie plates but they did the rest themselves.  And how proud were they on […]

Kids in the Kitchen

I love baking and cooking so this is my idea of a good time.  The only hitch is that I’m going to try to teach my kids how to make alot of this as well and I’m not the best teacher in the world.  I’m also a control freak.  This means I have a tendency to do things myself because […]