Little packets of awesome

  ***Before I start this post I should give the disclaimer that I’m currently listening to the Flyers/Rangers game and they are losing…so there may be periodical outbursts of frustration and obscenity.***   I got awesomeness in the mail today.  It came in the form of little packets of seeds from Territorial Seed Company.  And it signals the beginning of […]

I Think I Need A Greenhouse…

If my family wants to eat dinner at our table during the months of March, April & May then they need to get going and build me a greenhouse.  For the last 2 years I’ve started all my own seeds for my garden and they take over all the space available.  This is what I’m talking about:     What […]

The Year of the Garden

This was our best garden…ever.  Hands down.  And, funny enough, the epicness (it’s word, i swear) was in direct proportion to the amount of labor I put into it this year.  I know…so weird.   I started this garden in February, sitting hunched over seed catalogs making stars next to all the things that sounded good.  Then I had to […]

My Garden

Aaahhh…my garden.  I love my garden.  Even more this year than normal because I’m fully invested in making the most out of everything I can grow.  I put up food every year by drying or freezing things but this year I’m adding canning to the list of ways to preserve the bounty.  I want to make my own pickles, salsa […]