Take Lots of Pictures

You know how when you go to a baby shower and, after playing the ridiculous games that seem to be required at these events, they ask all the mothers to give the mom-to-be their best ‘motherly advice’?  Does this sound foreign, and slightly odd, to the guys out there?  It is.  Be happy you get to be somewhere else, eating […]

Flopping, Diving, and Chipping

I may or may not have just called out a 13 year old girl of diving and compared her to Sidney Crosby when she totally flopped on the ground after being fouled by my daughter in a middle-school basketball game.  Ok, I totally did that.  But it’s not like I’m proud of it, I’m just pointing out my own flaws in […]

Random Movie Review: More good movies!

The run of good movies is still going!  Last time I wrote a movie review, it was to praise two movies that we had lucked out with and all enjoyed watching…a thing that rarely, if ever, happens in this house.   But, that trend has not ended (so far).   We just watched two more really, really good movies.  How […]

House full of teenagers

Welp…it’s official today:  Our youngest, Abby, has turned 13 and pushed us into the realm of an all-teenager household.  There’s not much that has changed with this ‘milestone’ since, as the youngest, she has had that teenager mentality for a few years now.   But, this weekend did offer us a glimpse into the future for Mike & I and […]

Soccer Mom Squad aka We Are So F’ing Awesome

I’m sure you have all seen the #squad pics that our young’uns are all doing lately.  No?  Well then I’d like to know what color the sky is in your world.  ‘Cause they are everywhere.  And they mostly consist of the kids squatting or hunching down and putting one of their arms askew, sometimes pointing but not always, while the […]

Halloween Badasses

Halloween is a total throw-away holiday in our house.  Meaning, if we do something like trick-or-treating that’s cool but, if not, it’s no biggie.  I can buy my kids a bag of candy and, for the most part, they are just as happy.  Not that I do that.  Ok, I totally do that.  In fact, one year I really was […]

Color-Coded OCD

I have a touch of OCD and I am happy for it!  It serves me well in keeping our family’s schedule lined out and making sure we get everyone everywhere they need to be.  “How?” you may ask?  I know your asking it, it’s ok.  Hang on, ’cause I’m going to tell you…with the “Family Calendar” (cue angels singing).   […]

Express Lane

Ah, the grocery store.  I love it and hate it.  I love to grocery shop because I love to have a well-stocked pantry and fridge.  I hate it because it costs numerous body parts to afford to feed three teenagers.   I usually fit my shopping into whatever our schedule already is so that I’m not making an extra trip to town. […]

Introverts, one and all

We are a family of introverts.  Yes, I know…shocker.  But seriously, I kind of already knew this but I guess I didn’t realize that ALL of us were as introverted as we apparently are.   The way that I know this is that I took this personality quiz a while back and found it pretty interesting when I read through […]