It’s Friday but it feels like a Monday morning.


The sun is out but that makes me realize how badly I need to wash the windows.


Wyatt woke up with a red eye this morning.  It may not be pinkeye but it probably is.


Usually that would mean a doctor appointment but we already have medication left from the last time he had it.  Score!


Kate asked Abby to borrow t-shirt but she had already taken it without permission.


Abby said NO but Kate left the house wearing it anyway.


Abby hurt her foot and wanted to take crutches to school but I said NO because she can walk on it.


That is not unreasonable but Abby doesn’t agree.


I asked Kate if she remembered her homework and she said YES but she was wrong and I had to make two trips to the school this morning.


I wasn’t planning on going into town today but now I’m way low on fuel.


I’ve already done 3 loads of laundry this morning but now it’s all on my bed waiting to be folded.


I did go for a walk this morning but I have yet to get a shower.


It’s only 9 am but I just ate a left over taquito from last night’s supper.


I need another cup of coffee but its decaf so what’s the point.

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