Books, nerds, fandoms and loathing

My conversation with my youngest this evening included references to greek mythology, fandoms, strong female characters and the word loathe.  Now, my youngest is 11…almost 12…and has a vocabulary larger than most adults.  Seriously, this kid can turn a phrase and she uses them in the correct context every time.  And she reads.  A lot.  And she talks.  A lot.  Mostly about all the stories that she loves.  So right now it’s all about the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan and the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling.  And bless her heart, she tries to tell me the entire backstory of each of these multi-book series so that I can understand the one thing she wants to tell me about what’s going on in the book right now.  So it’s basically 30 minutes of round-about story telling that I can’t follow to get to the actual thing she wants to tell which really takes only about 30 seconds.  But I like to hear her talk about books.  It makes me happy.  Hearing her talk about the characters and story lines and the girls who save the day…yeah, it makes me really happy.  And she has found a fandom to belong to…the nerd girl fandom.  Which is amazingly cool because she’s kind of a jock too.  It’s a nice combination and it reminds me of what Wil Wheaton said when he was asked by a pregnant woman to tell her unborn daughter why it’s awesome to be a nerd.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out here because it’s all kinds of sweet and awesome.

Oh, and the word loathe.  Which I love, by the way.  Yes, I love the word loathe.  I love to loathe.  Ok, enough about me.  Here’s the cool part:  she used it to describe Twilight.  Can I just high-five someone right now?  Seriously, just put your hand up, I’ll find it.  It’s an internet high-five.  Wait…was that your right hand or left hand?  OK, right-handed internet high-five right now…GO!  That was awesome.  Oh, oh, wait!  My other daughter used loathe to describe Justin Beiber.  That deserves an internet chest bump, bitches!  But that might be awkward so we’ll just leave it at the high-five.

Ok, so she’s never read Twilight so she really doesn’t have an original opinion on that…it’s mostly my opinion that I’ve foisted on her.  Can you blame me, people?  It’s a ridiculous storyline with a weak female lead who would rather kill herself than be without a boyfriend.  UGH.  And it’s got sparkly vampires.  Sparkly?  That shit is not cool.  Vampires should freakin’ explode into a ball of charred remains of smoking goo.  I mean really, what’s wrong with people now a days?  So yes, I formed that opinion in her little pliable brain like a potter throwing clay and I’m not ashamed to say it.  I shaped it by giving her characters like Katniss and Elizabeth Bennett and Jane Eyre and Hermione and Annabeth and Susan & Lucy to read and absorb and take little bits of for herself.

So here’s to strong female characters, great books, being a nerd, and finding your fandom, whatever it may be.  Because we all need something to love a whole lot.  And it doesn’t hurt to have something to loathe every once in awhile either.  {Cough-twilight-cough}




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  1. Love, love, love! Can I just say that I love this, I love your daughters, and I love you. You are all too cool (even the guys), and give the rest of us in the family hope! 🙂

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