Bobbleheads in Sports Bras

This is the picture on the back of a Victoria’s Secret mailer I received today.  I think they were going for the tough look, what with the ‘Go Ahead. Try Me.’ slogan, but they have failed miserably.  Like a face-palm, shake-my-head, you’re-a-fucking-idiot, kind of fail.

I’m not one to critique any woman’s body; whether it’s bigger or smaller than the societal norm of the moment.  That’s not cool and doesn’t do anything but tear down other women.  But, and this is a big but…unlike these girls’ assets…you’re going to show me this picture and tell me that this is strong and healthy? I don’t think so.  These girls look like a roving gang of highly manicured, ridiculously fragile, and yet very rich, 10 year olds.  Seriously, they look like a bunch of extras from Mean Girls.  This is not what strong looks like.  This what bobbleheads in sports bras look like.


Stop telling me, and every other woman out there, that this is healthy.  Or strong.  Or what women should look like.  Because women should look like…women.  That’s it.  In all of our wonderful shapes and sizes, curves and muscles, flat bellies and pootchies, butts and no-butts.  Our bodies are not the full measure of us and we should never be made to feel that way.  By the way, for you guys out there, I feel the same way about advertising aimed at men that focuses only on the outward appearance.  So just know that I am righteously indignant for you too…I’m sure that means a lot. {crickets chirping}


If you (I’m talking to you Victoria, you secretive little bitch, pay attention) had even managed to vary your line-up here at all…if you had just thrown in one of us women who looks like they actually need a sports bra to do it’s job…I would not have such an issue.  But to put together a line up of 5 cookie-cutter, teeny-weeny bobbleheads and then try to make it representative of strength?  Give me a fucking break.  I don’t really shop your store that much so my decision to seek out other places to buy my unmentionables will not impact you.  And neither will this silly little post on this silly little blog.  But at least my daughters and I had a good laugh over your stick-figure-in-underwear models, so I guess that’s something.

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