Baking Day – Scones

I love scones.  When done right, they are the best accompaniment to a warm cup of coffee or tea or hot cocoa.  They are the definition of comfort in all it’s wonderful flaky, flavorful form.  Nothing is better then a winter morning with frost on the ground, a fire warming the house, and a scone with your morning coffee.  Ah….that’s a little tiny bit of heaven right there.

Plus, they are so adaptable to whatever flavor you may be craving.  I have recipes for Plain scones, Irish scones, Pumpkin scones, Snickerdoodle scones, Mocha scones, Blackberry Lime scones, Apple Pie scones…the list is long and basically unimportant to rest of the post except to express my love for this particular form of pastry goodness.

So, today I decided to make 2 very different scone recipes: a savory Breakfast scone with ham and cheese and a sweet Lemon Blueberry version.  Now, in all of my scone making, I have never made a savory version.  But I pinned the recipe a while ago and it was languishing on my Pinterest board (where all good ideas go to die) so today was going to be the day to give it a test run.

The original recipe came from a site called Damn Delicious, which we all know sounds like my kind of cooking website.  Amiright?  The only thing I did differently was I didn’t have any fresh chives…but who does?  That’s the real question.  Oh, and I didn’t have buttermilk.  Again, who?  I actually was out of milk completely so I had to mix up some dry milk to use.  Also, I use half all-purpose flour and half whole wheat…because I’m healthy like that.  And, I had Mexican Blend shredded cheese on hand instead of Cheddar.  And, Canadian Bacon instead of ham.  Can you tell what my cooking style is?  I’d like to call it ‘creative’ but really its more aptly described as ‘winging it’.

But hold the phone guys because even with all of my half-assed substitutions, these came out so good.  So. Good.  I ate two within 5 minutes of taking them of the oven.  Go ahead, judge me, I don’t even mind.  They were that delicious.  Dare I say it…they were Damn Delicious.  All flaky and buttery and perfect.  Abby tried one and said ‘they taste like soup’, which is an entirely random and yet oddly fitting description.  Remember how I was describing a perfect scone on a frosty morning?  Well, then these are the perfect side to a hot mug of soup on that same day.

On to the Lemon Blueberry recipe…and they turned out to be the perfect counter those wonderful savories.  The original of this recipe was again found on Pinterest and comes from a site called Everybody Likes Sandwiches.  I would recommend you click to that site to see what they should look like, all perfect and lightly browned with the blueberries intact.  Mine came out looking more, shall we say, rustic?  Yes, let’s use that term.  It’s better than just saying they were just plain ugly.  I have never mastered mixing blueberries, even frozen ones, into a dough without the whole thing looking like a sad purple mass.

I stuck pretty close to the recipe on this one: again, no buttermilk on hand so I used the reconstituted dry milk.  And the half whole wheat, half all-purpose flour.  That’s as exact as it gets in my kitchen.  Also, whenever you have to zest a citrus for a recipe I feel like you should include the rest of it as well.  Otherwise, what do you do with it?  Have a poor naked lemon sitting in the fruit bowl?  So I juiced the lemon and added it to powdered sugar to make a nice light icing.  I didn’t measure, just mixed enough of both until it was the right consistency.  Because, me.  And the icing succeeded in making them look a little prettier, too.

Even though they looked a little…what was the word we used? Rustic?…they are deceptively delicious. The berries are nice and sweet with the lemon icing as a tart counter point; it all goes perfectly together.

So, there you are…two of my favorite scone recipes.  I highly recommend them both and you should totally go make them right now.




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