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I find it hard to write the “About Me” sections of any form or application or blog.  Perhaps it’s because I find my life both mundane and amazing at the same time…and how do you accurately describe that?


Let’s start with my wonderful husband of over 20 years…he’s pretty awesome.  He puts up with me, which is no small task considering I have an affinity for cursing and I’m pretty damn opinionated.  But he seems to like me so that’s good.  We have 3 kids that grew up playing lots and lots of sports so I spent most of my time running them to practices and games and tournaments and such.  But I never minded because I absolutely love sports.  No really, I’ll watch pretty much any game and any sport.  Although I really don’t care for basketball…a lot of overpriced divas, in my opinion.  Did I mention I’m pretty opinionated?  Oh, and refs are not my favorite people.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m really loud or that I have no filter but I tend to get “the look” from our wonderful friends in stripes.  Yea, I’m that parent.  Now you know not to sit by me at a game, you’ve been warned.


I love horror movies, especially anything with zombies or by Eli Roth.  And indie music.  I love random bands that are under the radar and I take it as a personal affront when they become all popular and mainstream.  It’s irrational, I know.   Oh, and hockey.  I really love hockey.  The Flyers are my boys so if you’re a Pens fan, there’s the door.


Let’s recap:  I’m loud, I cuss, I have very definite opinions, I love sports, horror movies, good bands, and especially hockey.  So…I pretty much have the personality of a guy.  Oh wait, here’s some equal time for my feminine side: I love musicals and randomly break out in songs from ‘West Side Story’ and ‘Guys and Dolls’.  I love books, especially classics like Jane Eyre (which I read once a year), and I’ve been known to cry over fictional characters.


Also, we have a small farm where we raise natural beef, chickens and occasionally pigs.  I enjoy doing the feeding and caring for the animals and I tend to have conversations with them.  Cows are good listeners, by the way.  Chickens, not so much.  I have a nice big garden that takes up a lot of my time and I try to do as much canning and preserving as possible.  In the late summer and fall, my food dehydrator is going almost constantly, I can every few days and we stock the freezers as much as possible too.


And just so we’re clear, I’m not an advice-giver or a life coach or someone to tell you how to raise your kids…I am not that person.  Just like I’m not a person you put on speakerphone.  I’m just a woman who finds her life humorous and frustrating, wonderful and disturbing, beautiful and painful, and I like to write about it sometimes.  And maybe some where along the way you’ll see something that strikes a cord with you and you’ll get a little enjoyment out of it.  That’s all.


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