My youngest child…how shall I describe the reasons why I’m thankful for this kid?  Well, it can be difficult to explain because somedays she does drive me up the wall and then over the edge.  Like this morning….and pretty much every morning this week.


Abby is stubborn to a fault, snarky and quick-witted, sharp as a tack, independent, strong-willed and basically always pushing her boundaries.  And it’s those very things that make me thankful for her.  I know that even though she will be the source of many gray hairs, yelling matches and sleepless nights, this kid will be OK when she hits the real world.  It’s the rest of the world I’m worried for.

But she’s also kind-hearted and creative and protective and loving.  I see a depth of loyalty in her that makes me heart happy.  And a belief in her own strength that assures me that this kid won’t be taking crap from anyone.  She’s athletic and strong and goofy and still likes to snuggle at bedtime.

She reads on the way to the soccer games because she can’t stand to be without a book for that long.

Abby reads books like other people breath.  And she doesn’t merely read them, she absorbs them.  They become a part of her, every character takes up residence in her somewhere and influences her in someway.  She’s the reason authors write stories, because those people and plots and ideas that they create come to life when a kid like her reads them.  As insane as it sounds, I’ve grounded her from reading before because it is the most effect punishment for her.



When we were pregnant with Kate and knew she was going to be a girl, we almost stopped having kids then because we would have one of each and it seemed like a good place to stop.  We even signed the papers to have my tubes tied when they did Kate’s C-section.  But that morning, when we were driving to the hospital, we both felt that we weren’t 100% sure that we didn’t want more kids.  I remember laying on the operating table, reminding the doctor that we were NOT tying any tubes today.  9 months later we were pregnant with Abby and we knew that time we were done, this one would complete the family.  And she does.  She tests us and pushes us, loves us and amuses us, and I can’t imagine this family without that little spit-fire.


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