A Week of Firsts & Lasts

This week we had several “firsts” and a few “lasts” in the Patrick household.


Kate had some of the most significant event this week.  On Tuesday she graduated from 8th grade…which I guess is both a first and a last…her last days at little Victor Point Elementary and preparation for her first days at Silverton High School.  I still have a hard time believing that she’s going to be a freshman in a few months.

Beautiful Kate…no outfit is complete without matching Converse
The last game for Silver Falls U14…bittersweet moment since most of these girls will still go on to play together in high school.


Abby had her last days as a sixth grader this week, something she’s excited about because she can’t wait to get to 7th grade and have Mrs. Bishop and Ms. Lierman for teachers.  Her ‘first’ this week was her first performance with The Academy of Performing Arts Company (AAPAC) here in Silverton.  She played Hippolyta, the amazon queen, in their production of A MidSummer’s Nights Dream.

Abby as Hippolyta


And then there’s Wyatt…who was finishing up his last week as a Sophomore and decided to get his first concussion.  And when he decides to to do something, he doesn’t half-ass it.  Not only did he rock his noodle enough that he was unable to attend school and complete any of his finals, he also gave us a scare with a neck injury.  When the doc X-rayed his neck due to pain at palpation, they found an anomaly in the neck vertebrae.  So they put him in a soft neck collar and then decided he needed to be seen at OHSU.  Luckily, all the tests came back normal so the neck issue has abated and now he’s just bored and irritable because he couldn’t go on the wrestling trip and can’t even play Xbox…oh, the humanity.  But, let’s hope this is a ‘last’ as well…the last concussion for him!

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