A Sports Mom With No Sports or “Amy Is Sad”

I am adrift, people.  I am experiencing something that hasn’t happened in over 11 years: I am a sports mom with no kids in sports.  I know, it’s quite tragic.  All those years of driving kids to practices, tournaments, games & matches.  All those evenings of crockpot meals, PB&J sandwiches eaten on the go in the car, packing team snacks, and making team meals;  schlepping bananas & chocolate milk to soccer games, bagels & peanut butter to wrestling matches;  celebrating wins, consoling losses, yelling at refs, having my car constantly smell like soccer cleats & wrestling singlets.  Oh, how I will miss it!  In all that time spent on the sideline and mat side, yelling my little heart out, the very best part of it was that we were together.  Some of the best times spent with those kids were during the long car rides…that was time that I cherish so much.  Beyond the scores and the fun and the ever-present chipping at refs, I really enjoyed just being with my kids.  Watching them work and win and lose and grow and getting to be a part of it all was definitely worth the time and effort on my part.


Here’s my little video of all of our sports travels that I originally posted here.


I am going to try not to focus on how this is the beginning of them outgrowing me {silent sob} and just stick with the fact that now that they have left me no viable way to yell at refs in person, I will be yelling at the TV so much more now.  Now I only have Fantasy Football, College Football Game Day, and Hockey.  I’ve already made it known that if they are going to deny me the ability to watch & support them in sports, then they better get ready for even more yelling at the TV.  In fact, I was just watching the BYU v. Nebraska game and yelling/cheering when they started giving me a bad time and had to remind them that they had “left me no choice!”  And what a game!!!  If you didn’t watch it, well, you missed out!  Mike Riley (not a fan, by the way) just became the first Nebraska coach since 1957 to lose their home opener.  And what a great way for him to lose.  Tanner Magnum, BYU QB, just aired out a hail mary with time expired and it was caught on the goal line for a TD!  It.  Was.  Awesome.

See…this is what I have to do now…instead of living vicariously through my own children, now I have to live vicariously through other people’s kids.


And because I only have 33 more days until the Flyers first regular season game, here’s a highlight video of their April 5 game against the Penguins.  Why? Because it’s the Flyers and fuck the Penguins, that’s why.


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