A Movie Review (and Two More)

I’ve not dipped my toe into the wide world of movie reviews thus far, even though I LOVE me a good movie!  And, I absolutely HATE wasting 2 hours of my life on a bad one.  Seriously…that’s time I could have been sleeping.


So, here’s my first review:  Frozen.  Yes, this has been reviewed to death, I know.  But not by me.  Also, the reason I’m choosing this movie is that it’s currently playing in my living room as my 14 year old daughter (14 tomorrow, technically) and her friend are watching it.  I can’t escape it so why not write about?


I took my girls to see it in the movie theater when it came out, not something the Patrick family does very often.  Mostly because we are hermits and cheap…therefore we usually wait for it to come out on DVD or Netflix and then watch it in our jammies on the couch.  But, off we went to the theater for this one while the guys went to watch Lone Survivor  which left both somber for the rest of the night.  Wyatt looked particularly moved by that movie and later said “I’m glad I watched it but don’t want to watch it again”.  Mike equated it to the experience of watching Saving Private Ryan.  There, you got an extra little review snuck right in.


Now, back to Frozen.  My girls love it and I will say that I like it.  I definitely don’t dislike the movie but I also don’t see what intense hype has been.  Yes, it is great that it shows girls don’t have to be “rescue-me-princess” but Mulan already covered that ground and, in my opinion, far better. And didn’t Merida do a fine job of showing us that too?  I think the bigger thing that Frozen has going for it is the family bond between the sisters.  Really, the ending on the frozen sea is really the best part of the movie:  Anna saving Elsa by sacrificing herself…that’s a powerful statement about family.  And I continue to be surprised that no other review talks about the simple perfection of that last breath once she turns to ice…that is the best part of the movie to me.


So yeah…that’s my very simple opinion on the movie.  I’m not wading into the other issues that other reviewers have written about because it’s just a movie.  If however, you have a few minutes to kill and want a good chuckle, go find some of these reviews.  Here’s a link to Spotlight on Entertainment, a website that I occasionally turn to for a family-orientated review of a movie I don’t have a good feel for: http://christiananswers.net/spotlight/movies/2013/frozen2013.html .  It’s generally a good site but then you scroll down to the submitted reviews, which are either positive, negative or neutral, and you can see the wide range of opinions on a movie.  Some are insightful, a lot of are just ridiculous, but it’s a fun read.  I even wrote a review for Inglourious Bastards once just because I found it highly ironic to be reviewing that film on a Christian site. (FYI, one of my fav movies, ever.)


Oh, here’s another movie review, just for fun:  We Are What We Are.  I love me a good horror movie and I had high hopes for this one.  A little different formula than normal, kind of a gothic story with cannibalism…it could have been really good.  But it’s not.  Nope.  We wasted 2 hours of sleep to watch it and I was sorely disappointed by it.  The back story was weak and should have been filled out much more for a more haunting feel to the movie.  The acting sucked.  Badly.  And the ending was completely wrong.  Spoiler Alert (if you decide to not heed my advice and watch it anyway):  they should not have attacked/eaten the father.  Totally wrong ending because then it took the power out out the last scene where they leave and take their family book (their ‘bible’ of sorts that talks about the history of the family’s cannibalism).  Had they refrained from that attack and just run from the father, the point of them taking that piece of their family history with them would have been much more powerful and haunting.  Because it would have proven the title:  we are what we are, no matter how much we fight it.


So, to summarize:  Frozen is good, Lone Survivor is really good, and We Are What We Are sucks.


OK, that’s the end of my movie rantings.  For now…muwhahaha!

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