Homemade Granola

I haven’t really shared recipes on here before but this one I feel pretty confident about so I’m letting you all in on it:  Homemade Granola.  This is some good stuff! This recipe has it’s origins in Tosca Reno’s ‘Granola – The Eat-Clean Way’ recipe from her book The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook.  I have 2 of her books and refer […]

Bobbleheads in Sports Bras

This is the picture on the back of a Victoria’s Secret mailer I received today.  I think they were going for the tough look, what with the ‘Go Ahead. Try Me.’ slogan, but they have failed miserably.  Like a face-palm, shake-my-head, you’re-a-fucking-idiot, kind of fail. I’m not one to critique any woman’s body; whether it’s bigger or smaller than the […]

Mornings…I like that shit.

So the other day someone pointed out that all I really seem to post on Instagram are pictures of the morning sky…and you know what?  They were right.  I looked back at my photo stream and realized, “Wow, I really like mornings…and pictures of mornings…and sharing pictures of mornings.”  It’s like a sickness.  Maybe I can get it declared a […]

Stitch Fix, My Birthday Present to Me.

Long time, no blog…I know, I know…don’t be judgy.  Life happens.   So anyway, I just tried this new thing called Stitch Fix and I’m kind of excited about it.  Why is this any kind of a big deal and worth writing an entire blog post after months of silence?  Good question.  It’s a big deal because I am not […]