Paintball Birthday

This weekend we took 9 kids up to Camp Dakota for our middle child’s 14th birthday.  Yes, she chose to paintball for her birthday…that’s just one reason I love that kid.  So, we had five 14 year old girls, three 12 year old girls, and one 16 year old boy (when you’re the older brother, you get drug along to […]

A Movie Review (and Two More)

I’ve not dipped my toe into the wide world of movie reviews thus far, even though I LOVE me a good movie!  And, I absolutely HATE wasting 2 hours of my life on a bad one.  Seriously…that’s time I could have been sleeping.   So, here’s my first review:  Frozen.  Yes, this has been reviewed to death, I know.  But […]

The Sweet Spot

For a lot of my years as a mom, actually most of them if I’m being honest, I have always been looking forward to the next thing, the next phase, of our lives.   When the kids were little I couldn’t wait for them to all sleep through the night.  Then it was wanting them to all be potty trained. […]