It’s OK to not like me. Really.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to Mike that I had noticed a few other moms that I was friendly with had lately seemed standoffish.  His response was immediate and, to me, completely out of left field: “Maybe it’s because of your blog.” …huh?… I must have shown my complete cluelessness on my face because he just shrugged and added […]


Today is Thursday and that feels like a freakin’ accomplishment all in itself.  Anyone else feeling that way lately? That just making it to a certain day of the week is enough to get us through the rest of it?   It’s a little sad that I am as happy as I am about the fact that it’s Thursday, which […]

One Million Moms Can’t Be Wrong…Or Can They?

I recently found the Facebook page for “One Million Moms” through an article on Zite referencing their outrage over Honeymaid’s most recent commercial featuring {gasp} a same sex couple.   There’s so much to say here but let’s start with the most pressing thing on my little mind: I don’t believe for one moment that there are one million moms […]