Little packets of awesome

  ***Before I start this post I should give the disclaimer that I’m currently listening to the Flyers/Rangers game and they are losing…so there may be periodical outbursts of frustration and obscenity.***   I got awesomeness in the mail today.  It came in the form of little packets of seeds from Territorial Seed Company.  And it signals the beginning of […]

Dinosaur Oatmeal

So, I basically have a house full of teenagers…OK, the youngest is 12 but she’s advanced for her age.  And they eat.  A lot.  No…really.  A shit-ton…that is the only true unit of measurement that communicates the amount of food they go through.     And what I find the most amusing about the food that I purchase for these […]

Drinking in the Kitchen with Amy

So, I’m pretty much a light weight when it comes to drinking. Mostly because I don’t drink very much at all, maybe a glass of wine every once in a great while or a beer around the campfire. I don’t bother with the wine very often though because I’m the only one who drinks it so if I open a […]