Hockey season is back after the Olympic break and I am so happy!  Plus the Flyers and the Penguins play back-to-back games in a few weeks, which is awesome because they hate each other and that makes for great hockey.  Just to be clear:  I loathe the Penguins.  Muchly.  In particular, I loathe Crosby.  Yes, he’s a great player.  Yes, […]

Junior Varsity

Why I think JV sports are good for kids:   Playing JV is not a bad thing.  I feel the need to say this because it feels like every parent out there is prepping their kids to play Varsity all 4 years of their high school careers.  Even if those kids are only third graders at the moment.   Honestly, […]

I hate science fairs and such

Disclaimer:  If curse words offend your pretty little eyes, turn away now.  Because I can guarantee that this post is going to be riddled with choice “sentence enhancers”.   Ok, now that that’s out of the way:  I fucking hate science fair-type projects that require parents to do most of the work to complete said project.  Seriously.  I am so […]

Things heard in our house

Random snippets of conversation that can be heard at any given time in our household: “Man up and play charades!”   “Giant sloth eating a banana!”   “Not now, hockey is on”   “Percy Jackson reference!  Boo-yah!”   “What?  I’m cool.  Yes I am.  Don’t look at me that way.”   “Dude.”   “Dude!”   “I already read the book […]