My Body

Today’s I’m-thankful-for is more of a challenge.  Today I’m being thankful for my body.  And this is challenging why?  Well, because I have always struggled with my body image and having self-confidence.  Even waaayyyy back in high school, I was never confident with myself…how I looked, how to act, what to say.  I was really good at flying below the […]


As some one who is usually cold, today I give thanks for being warm. Seriously, warmth is way underrated. I love to snuggle up in a blanket in the evening or sit by the fireplace in the morning. Being warm is awesome. When I was a kid I lived in an old house where the furnace vents were set in […]

Improvised Dates

Today’s thankful Is kind of an add-on to yesterday’s “I’m thankful my husband is home” post because today I’m thankful for improvised dates. Since we don’t go out on traditional date nights very much, I love being able to carve out some time in the day for us spend together sans kids. This is one of the benefits to his […]

Coffee & Quiet

I am thankful for coffee this morning. And a quiet house. This is my favorite time of day…first thing in the morning when the house is still asleep and I can sit by the fireplace with my cup of coffee and sort through my thoughts before the day takes off. I don’t know when I became a morning person, oh […]


So people do this month of thankfulness thing in November but I’ve never tried it thus far. But I think I’ll give it a shot this year because I really have lots and lots to be thankful for and I don’t stop and think about it enough. So…what to be thankful for on the first day? Should this be chronological? […]