The Best Therapy. Ever.

And it’s back!  Yes, my will to write has reappeared, you can all relax now.  I know you were worried for me, right?  Of course you were.   And just what was the magic that restored my creativity and energy level?  I got my hair done.  Yes, my friends, I am a true female after all.  Don’t let the smart-ass, […]

A dry well

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything…my time and energy has been largely taken up with a new job that we recently landed.  It feels like all my creativity has been sucked up by that and I have nothing left to blog with for now. So…the writing well runneth dry.  For a bit anyway.  It’ll come back soon. […]

Date night…it didn’t suck.

Mike & I had the a rare opportunity to go out for a few hours last night and see Paul Reiser at the Elsinore Theatre.  We had to juggle a few things like getting kids to & from practices (thanks Susan!) but we managed to spend about 4 hours as actual, real-live, grown-up adults.  Yeah us!  And it was a […]

My movie creation: Our Sports Travels

I made a movie!  Ok, so I’m not Steven Spielberg but I am pretty proud of myself.  No, seriously.  I am not the tech person like Mike who can put together movies and slide shows and all kinds of great things that look all cool and stuff.  I am usually doing good if I can remember to even take a […]

Books, nerds, fandoms and loathing

My conversation with my youngest this evening included references to greek mythology, fandoms, strong female characters and the word loathe.  Now, my youngest is 11…almost 12…and has a vocabulary larger than most adults.  Seriously, this kid can turn a phrase and she uses them in the correct context every time.  And she reads.  A lot.  And she talks.  A lot. […]

West Side Government Shut Down

When my girls got home from school today we were hanging around the kitchen eating snacks and discussing the day when one of them asked, “Is the government really shut down?”  “Yup”, says I.  “But how does that happen?” asked my youngest.  Hhhmmm…how to explain this is a way they can understand?  I know…musical theater!  Of course!  How else would […]