Mom at Work

I work from home, as I’ve mentioned before, and it’s a pretty sweet set-up.  Really, I have nothing to complain about…my commute is non-existant and my schedule can be flexed around practices, games, forgotten lunches and such.  And I can work in my husband’s fuzzy slippers. But, it also has it’s challenges, especially in the summer when the kids are […]

Pinterest…now a verb.

Oh Pinterest…your greatness now defies basic grammar.  What was once just a proper noun has become a verb.  Much like Google, you have become a cross-over phenom.  How do I know this you might ask?  What english language expertise do I possess?  Well, very little actually.  But, my 13 year old daughter has enlightened me.   After a long 2 […]

I’ve Donated My Heart To Science

I’ve donated my heart to science.  Ok, it’s not MY heart.  And it’s not science.  It’s a cow heart and it’s my daughter’s drama club.  Close enough…sheesh. My 11 year old is going to musical theater camp and they are creating a haunted house and learning the Thriller dance.  Yesterday she came home chattering on and on and on about […]

In the car with my son

Wyatt & I spend a lot of time in the car together.  Driving to and from school, wrestling practices and tournaments, and now summer weight training for football.  It’s kind of a pain to get the kids to all their stuff and it sure isn’t cheap since we live 13 miles from the high school and drive a suburban.  But […]

Family Fun Day

Ok, now for a current blog…today was Family Fun Day in the Patrick household.  After a few minutes of ‘what do you want to do? I don’t know, what do you wan to do?’, we finally settled on checking out a nearby campground that also has a paintball course.  Camp Dakota is located way up Crooked Finger Road outside of […]


This is a story I wrote years ago when all my kids were younger…I think the ages were 3, 5, & 7 – ish. Ah, Bi-Mart.  I have a love/hate relationship with this store.  I love the fact that I can find a quick gift for a forgotten birthday, cold-medicine, a coffee maker, garden seeds and dog food all at […]