I Love Lucy…But Ricky? Not So Much.

We just took a quick trip to Reno for a wrestling tournament for our son…a 10 hour drive that my husband insists on doing in 8.5.  So, to make the kids more comfortable, and quiet, I rented some DVDs from the library.  Since our kids enjoy the I Love Lucy reruns on TV, I rented the whole first season.  Which […]

Sunday Morning

Here are a few things I have said to my children throughout this fine Sunday morning:   “Why are you still in bed?” “Why aren’t you still in bed?” “Do you want breakfast?” “Fine, you don’t get any breakfast!” “Don’t eat all the bacon.” “Why did you eat all the bacon?” “Stop with the attitudes!” “Don’t brand your sister!” – […]

My Hamburger Has A First Name…It’s George.

Oscar Mayer has nothing on me.  I know the first name of all the red meat that comes through our kitchen because it comes right out of our pasture.  And because my kids still name the animals, even though by now they know they are going to end up in the freezer.  The first year we raised beef we had […]

First Post on WP…sheesh!

OK, so I’ve made the jump to WordPress for my blog and I’m glad….I think.  It’s definitely a steep learning curve for me and it makes me feel like a damn idiot but I think it’ll be good in the long run.  I hope anyway.  Over the next bit I’ll be tweeking the site and then trying to bring over […]

God Bless the X-ray Tech

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I’m turning 40 this August.  It’s all good, not too worried about the age thing.  But, I have had some weird things going on health wise so I went to the new doctor to get everything checked out.  Nothing life-altering, just more annoying, like some relatively sudden weight gain and lots of fatigue.  Hubby […]