I told Mike that sometimes I write a blog and then delete it because I just wanted to ‘get it out’ but then I wasn’t happy with it from a literary stand point so I just deleted it.  Which makes complete and perfect sense to me but to which he said: “You’re weird”.  I blithely countered:  “Hellooo…have you met me?” […]

Clothes Shopping Sucks

Took the girls shopping yesterday for some warm weather wear and was reminded as to why I hate clothes shopping.  My girls were all excited when we got the store and went from display to display picking out some really cute tops, shorts and even a dress or two.  I even picked out a few items that looked good and […]

Mark My Spot

My daughter was trying to read while my other daughter was trying to bait her into an argument. Finally fed up, she sighed and carefully folded over the corner of her page. Closing her book, she then proceeded to launch herself at her sister.   It dawned on me in that moment that marking your place in a book is […]

You’re Grounded!

All of my kids are grounded today.  Yes, after the morning we just survived I have issued a sweeping decree of punishment over all three children.  Actually, each kid is grounded for a reason specific to them but it was that much of a stellar morning that they all managed to piss me off and call down my wrath upon […]