My Garden

Aaahhh…my garden.  I love my garden.  Even more this year than normal because I’m fully invested in making the most out of everything I can grow.  I put up food every year by drying or freezing things but this year I’m adding canning to the list of ways to preserve the bounty.  I want to make my own pickles, salsa […]

Defective Lady Bits

The warranty on my lady bits has run out…I think my particular model only came with one good for 35 years because at that age I began to fall apart.   Three years ago this month I found a lump in my left breast.  Nothing big, just a weird little lump hiding down on the underside of my boob.  I […]

Not Quite A Foodie

Today is my last quiet day for several months.  My husband is at shift, all 3 kids are at school and I am enjoying it.  It’s rainy & windy outside so I don’t feel guilty for spending the day indoors, my office work is caught up for the moment and I figured out how to play my iTunes through the […]