Weird and Cool Coincidence

We take my mom around to clean up and decorate the family headstones at area cemeteries each Memorial Day.  It’s become a tradition and my kids actually look forward to it each year.   Our first stop is for my mom’s brother Dean who passed away in a car accident before I was born.  His headstone is a military issued […]

Riding on Busses

I spent Thursday on a field trip with my kids’ classes.  We went to the Timber’s soccer game in Portland.  Now, for those of you who may not understand the ins & outs of chaperoning field trips let me just explain a few things.   First, the field trip encompassed grades 4-8 which covers all three of my kids’ grades […]

Lá Na Gaeilge

Dia duit!  Conas atá tú? (Hello!  How are you?)   I’m learning Irish, or Gaeilge, and I’m driving my family a little nuts with it but I’m having a blast!  I’ve been listening to podcasts from for the last few months.  I listen to them in the car, when I walk, while I’m waiting for the kids at practices. […]

My Smart Ass Daughter

Both of my girls have some quick wits on them.  But, my youngest daughter is particularly talented in the smartass category.   When I picked up the kids at school today, she climbed in the car and told me that a boy had slapped her across the face today.  My first reaction was shock…what the hell?!?!  My next reaction was […]

My 30’s

I think it’s safe to say that I have always liked each age I’ve been.  I’m not the person to lie about their age…when asked I tell, with no preamble or apology.  I’m 38.  I like being 38.  Even though when I turned 35 my husband informed me that I was ‘half dead’ now.  Thanks babe.  He’s two years younger […]

Mother’s Day at the Lake

Today was one of the best Mother’s Days ever.  After missing several years due to bad weather or sickness, we were able to take the boat out for our traditional Mother’s Day on the lake.  Since we bought the boat 7 years ago, we’ve tried to make Mother’s Day our first lake day of the season.   Yes, the water […]


It’s Friday but it feels like a Monday morning.   The sun is out but that makes me realize how badly I need to wash the windows.   Wyatt woke up with a red eye this morning.  It may not be pinkeye but it probably is.   Usually that would mean a doctor appointment but we already have medication left from the last time he had it.  Score! […]

I wish we could do this everyday…

Mike & I worked on our place all day today.  We picked up supplies, spread sawdust in the blueberry patch and compost in the garden, put bark dust in more flowerbeds and worked on the pig pen.  When we were putting up new chicken fencing around the back side of the barn he looked at me and said “I wish […]

Girls and Tractors

My husband is a good man.  He teaches our kids…all of our kids…how to drive tractors.  That may not be a big deal to some but to me it sums up a lot of stuff.   I grew up on a farm but was expected to do more female chores.  As a tomboy, that never set well with me.  I […]