Shopping Cart Games

I wrote this several years ago when my kids were younger and making it through the store was my biggest hurdle of the day.  It’s not my best writing but I hesitate to go back and edit it for sentimental reasons. Posted especially for Jody 🙂   The Shopping Cart Games were born after several shopping trips through “mart” style shopping stores.  Put […]

Sweet Success

The Kids in the Kitchen experiment was a great success!  The girls were more than thrilled to help out and ended up making the pumpkin pies almost completely by themselves.  I did a few teaching examples of how to roll dough and lifted it into the pie plates but they did the rest themselves.  And how proud were they on […]

Kids in the Kitchen

I love baking and cooking so this is my idea of a good time.  The only hitch is that I’m going to try to teach my kids how to make alot of this as well and I’m not the best teacher in the world.  I’m also a control freak.  This means I have a tendency to do things myself because […]

What we have lost and what we have gained

Last Sunday we lost Uncle Jerry.  We lost a mentor, a second father, a wise counselor, a wealth of knowledge, a family man.  We lost an example of how to live our faith without apology and with boldness tempered with compassion and grace.  We lost a little bit of the preservation of tradition, in both the fire service and our family history.  […]

Our Little Farm

My husband & I have been blessed with our little 20 acre farm.  It’s not big, it’s not fancy, but it’s ours.  Over the last 14 years we have invested our energy, time, sweat, and even some blood, to build it into the place it is today.  And, we’re not done yet.  We always have a plan…our “Ten Year Plan” is what we […]