I used to quilt.  A lot.  There was a time when just about everyone that we knew that was having a baby got a handmade baby quilt from me; I was happily busy making little bits of warmth for people.  In fact, two of my most treasured possessions are the quilt registry books I have with fabric samples and pictures […]

More Scones!

I made more scones today.  Because we ate all of the other ones. We ate them all by the next day, in fact. So today’s scones were Fresh Orange Scones.  And just when I thought I had my favorites from the last post, here come these luscious little gems.  They are, by far, the most flavorful ones I’ve ever had; […]

Baking Day – Scones

I love scones.  When done right, they are the best accompaniment to a warm cup of coffee or tea or hot cocoa.  They are the definition of comfort in all it’s wonderful flaky, flavorful form.  Nothing is better then a winter morning with frost on the ground, a fire warming the house, and a scone with your morning coffee.  Ah….that’s […]

Post-Work Validation

Sitting here at my desk in my home office, 10 days after my last day at work…I’ve had quite a bit of time to contemplate my decision these last few days but today is when it struck home for me that this is where I need to be. Had I not quit, I’d be on the other side of the […]

Having It All

There’s always been a lot of talk about whether or not women can ‘have it all’.  Working moms, stay-at-home moms, dual role moms, single moms…we keep trying to have it all and being told that we need to figure out how to be all things, do all things, at all times.  But what does that really mean?  And will we […]

Is it October Yet?

Hockey season starts October 4.  That’s only 31 days away, people, time to get excited!   And my Flyers have a whole crop of rookies vying for spots on this year’s roster.  In fact, we have been building the deepest pool of young talent around the league.  Even hockey media has realized it: Flyers Farm System Vaults to the Top. […]

Why Blog – Revisited Again

I wrote this several years ago and I have yet to come up with a better descriptor of why I feel the need to write about my life and my family.  In the near absence of blogging over the last two years, these stories have become even more important to me.   Why do so many people write blogs these […]